Why LaMelo Ball is top prospect in 2020 NBA draft

Memo to rebuilding NBA franchises. When evaluating LaMelo Ball, let your eyes dictate. Ignore the noise. If you’re an NBA scout or executive, don’t judge LaMelo because of what you’ve read or heard about him. Don’t let your disdain for his outspoken father, LaVar Ball, influence your decision.  Don’t listen to the noise from pundits … [Read more…]

LeBron James wants his ‘damn respect’ after winning his fourth NBA championship

Haters are gonna hate. Those are the words of the great American lyricist Taylor Swift. LeBron James has been so historically great that we tend to overlook or even dismiss his greatness. His resume is about as complete as any legendary hooper. His legacy is set. He doesn’t need to prove anything. However, no matter … [Read more…]

2020 NBA Finals: How LeBron’s Lakers handled Butler’s pesky Heat to win the title

NBA Hall of Famer and current NBA TV analyst Isiah Thomas offered the simplest and candid commentary on the 2020 NBA Finals matchup between the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat. “The Lakers are bigger. They’re faster. And they’re stronger,” Thomas said. “When the player is bigger than you, he’s faster than you and he’s stronger … [Read more…]

Anthony Davis joins list of memorable playoff buzzer-beaters in L.A. Lakers history

Anthony Davis yelled “Kobe” after hitting the biggest shot of his young NBA career. He sprinted down the sideline and jumped into a swarm of teammates who were eager to mob him. Davis’ special shoutout was an obvious homage to the late great Kobe Bryant — the legendary Los Angeles Laker who had a habit … [Read more…]

Mike D’Antoni’s microball experiment in Houston fails after second-round playoff exit

The Houston Rockets were eliminated from the NBA playoff bubble, and it is safe to say the microball experiment was an epic failure. The Los Angeles Lakers, a team loaded with length and size, bounced the undersized Rockets in the Western Conference semifinals. The five-game series revealed what most basketball pundits wondered out loud. Could … [Read more…]

NBA bubble observations: Giannis’ weakness exposed, Luka Legend, Murray’s moving message

Giannis Antetokounmpo is built like Superman. He stands 6 feet 11 inches tall. He weighs 242 pounds and nearly zero percent body fat. He is chiseled like a Greek god and has a wingspan that can cover the entire Mediterranean Sea. And as far as skills are concerned, Giannis has those in his bag as well. … [Read more…]

Milwaukee Bucks players’ boycott leads to widespread walkout in MLB, WNBA, MLS, NFL

If the NBA players didn’t get people’s attention before, they have it now. The NBA has been leading the charge in the movement to fight for social justice. Since arriving in the Disney World campus in Orlando, players and coaches have been making loud statements by kneeling, locking arms during the national anthem and wearing … [Read more…]

Favorites, contenders, sleepers: Teams to watch in NBA restart inside Disney World bubble

Basketball is back. It may not be the usual games we’ve been accustomed to, but it’ll have to do. The NBA and its partners have created a unique bubble plan, setting up shop at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla.,where 22 teams will be participating in an AAU-type environment. The bubble plan has daily COVID-19 … [Read more…]

Furious Five 2019-20: Ranking NBA’s 5 best players

Each year OneManFastBreak.net ranks the five best players in the NBA. Let’s call it the “OMFB Furious Five.” It’s paying homage to the five styles of Chinese martial arts: snake, crane, monkey, praying mantis, and tiger. The ranking system is based on one man’s opinion and does not follow or conform to any other format, … [Read more…]

Fundamentally speaking: Tim Duncan was the center of attention in Hall of Fame career

Tim Duncan was one of the most unique superstars in basketball. He did everything low key. You never heard him publicly complain about his contract. You never heard him say anything bad about a coach or player. And on his final NBA game in 2016, he briefly pointed a finger to the ceiling before walking … [Read more…]