Toronto Raptors making their best pitch to Kawhi Leonard with historic NBA Finals run

Kawhi Leonard is two wins away from leading the Toronto Raptors to its first ever NBA championship. That’s quite an achievement considering where he was a year ago. With Kawhi having a memorable playoffs and Golden State all of a sudden looking vulnerable due to a myriad of injuries, online sportsbooks no longer have the … [Read more…]

Observations from 2019 NBA Finals: Raptors confounded Warriors with smart adjustments

You’ve probably heard this before. The NBA playoffs are all about adjustments. A series can easily flip from one game to the next. That’s exactly what transpired in the 2019 NBA Finals between the defending champion Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors. The Raptors took Game 1 thanks mainly to Toronto’s 25-year-old forward Pascal … [Read more…]

NBA writers who didn’t vote for Klay Thompson on the All-NBA team owe him an apology

Klay Thompson is a three-time NBA champion and has been to five straight NBA Finals. The Golden State Warriors swingman is regarded as one of the five best shooters in the world, and you can argue teammate Steph Curry is the only player in the world who can match his 3-point shooting prowess. Thompson is … [Read more…]

Magic Johnson should shoulder only half the blame for L.A. Lakers’ disappointing season

There is no need to drum up any conspiracy theories on what happened to the Los Angeles Lakers. Magic Johnson basically told you what went down in Tinseltown during his 45-minute impromptu press conference announcing his resignation as the team’s president of basketball operations. To summarize the State of Magic address, he didn’t want to … [Read more…]

OMFB NBA 2018-19 prediction: DeMarcus Cousins will come along for the ride on basketball’s reigning dynasty

When DeMarcus Cousins couldn’t get a call from NBA teams during the free agency period, he picked up the phone himself, called the Golden State Warriors and offered his services for below market value. The Cousins signing nearly shut down the internet, as the basketball community threw up their arms in disgust and basically surrendered … [Read more…]

OMFB NBA forecast for 2018-19: LeBron-less East opens door for Raptors, Celtics

When LeBron James left The Land and took his talents to Hollywood to play with the Los Angeles Lakers, the Eastern Conference finds itself in virgin territory. Teams from the East are finally free from the chokehold King James has put on the conference the last eight years. The floodgates are wide open and the … [Read more…]

Furious Five 2018: Ranking the NBA’s 5 best players

  Each year ranks the five best players in the NBA. Let’s call it the “OMFB Furious Five.” It’s all about paying homage to the five styles of Chinese martial arts: snake, crane, monkey, praying mantis, and tiger. The ranking system is based on one man’s opinion and does not follow or conform to … [Read more…]

With addition of LeBron, young L.A. Lakers could present big problem for Golden State Warriors

When ESPN released its annual statistical model projecting win totals for the upcoming NBA season, the Los Angeles Lakers were left out of the playoff picture. That had many basketball experts scratching their heads because the Lakers enjoyed the best offseason of any NBA team this summer, landing the most coveted free agent on the … [Read more…]

Lakers way ahead of schedule on rebuilding plan thanks to NBA’s newest two-headed monster

When Jeanie Buss needed to press the reset button on the Los Angeles Lakers, she went full Khaleesi mode. She ousted her brother, Jim, as the team’s executive vice president of basketball operations and fired longtime general manager Mitch Kupchak. Then she hired her father’s favorite player of all-time, Magic Johnson, to be the president … [Read more…]