1. Phil

    I listened to almost every game that Bingo played . while living 500 miles from beautiful Cleveland. He turned me into a diehard Cleveland fan in every sport. If you happen to read this. Bingo, thanks for all of the wonderful memories and I hope that you are on the mend from the stroke. The only stroke that I will remember you for are the jumpers from downtown with the Cavs announcer screamingg B-I-N-G-O!!!!!!

  2. mickey a gold

    i saw bobby play in kansas city. took 4 shots, made 4 shots, scott wedman was openly pushing him from 22 feet on the wing. no problem, bingo just shot an amazing fade away, landing out of bounds, as the ball landed in the net. 4 shots, 4 makes, in 7 minutes played. miracle in richfield, game 2 washington. i saw miracle in kansas city. great guy, great shooter!

  3. Chistopher Niekamp

    Godspeed “B-I-N-G-O!!” – Had there been a 3-point line your statistics would have been untouchable! You were the greatest!

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