1. DJ…Nice article about Kobe…..Along with the Jordan quote I will add what one of the greatest baseball players ever said..If I hit .300 for the year that means that I have averaged three hits in every ten at bats..People say that is a successful hitter…But I have failed to get a hit seventy percent of the time…

    That statement came from my sports hero….Mickey Mantle…

  2. Epoch1

    While it’s true that Kobe is no MJ… and most definitely not a Bird or a Magic… He still ranks as one of the All-Time best to ever play the game.

    And he is most certainly the one guy you DON’T want to have the ball in a close game if you’re playing against him.

    I always felt the same way when it came to Bird. I don’t care if he was 0 for 20… you give him the ball at the end of the game if you want to score. Bird would make it happen… somehow.

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