1. Absolutely agree, Jakob. That’s why KG is high on my list. He played on some bad T-Wolves squads and still put up crazy numbers. As soon as he joined a good team, he won a ring. But, as good as he is, I still rate Duncan No. 1. Duncan won before Parker and Manu and he’s still doing his thing for 12 years.

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  3. Fred Eisenhammer

    This is a very impressive list and I can’t quarrel with any of the 10 being quite Worthy (even small-forward James). Howeever, and I know I’m reaching, and perhaps it’s because I’m SOOO old-school, my pick for the top spot is a tough guy who is not included on the list. Yet, this player seemed to be the prototypical enforcer of a power forward. And he wasn’t just a bully; he knew how to play.

    Yes, Maurice Lucas. When he faced off with Darryl Dawkins in a playoff game, I could almost feel the earth shake. They never did come to blows, but seeing those two giants square off was quite the scary sight.

    Lucas and Bill Walton, as I recall, were a pretty potent 1-2 punch for Portland.

    Of course, Duncan is quite awesome as well. Great list! But could you find room for Lucas somewhere? Honorable mention perhaps? He made every team better just being on the court … and won more titles than Karl.

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