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  1. meme

    The headline says it all!!! I was so excited for this year’s All-Star weekend; I bought a bigger TV, had DISH Network (also my employer) come out and upgrade my receiver to a 722 HD DVR, and invited a few friends over. Well the celebrity game was terrible, (as expected) the 3 point was alright, the game itself was ok, (again as expected) but the slam dunk for the first two rounds was great! Innovative, someone finally nailed the free throw dunk after all these years, and some great young talent was discovered. Then there was Blake’s car & choir dunk. Are you kidding me?!?! It was Griffins 3rd best dunk at best. If you are going to give the hometown boy the trophy, (all the winners were from California teams) let me know ahead of time so I don’t waste hours of my life on a predetermined outcome.

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