1. Another good article by Darren. It is obvious that he knows his stuff and is well prepared when writing an article. Great job Darren…. Looking forward to your next article….

  2. J-Biz

    Interesting points. I think Sessions makes the Lakers much better but I don’t know if it gives them a title run. The Lakers are still thin on the bench and Ron Artest is done, thus they are lacking at the SF position. Also, because the PG is running the show, it will be very difficult for him to get in sync with Kobe and the Lakers. If the offense went thru the middle (Gasol-Bynum), then it would be easier. But in Lakerland it doesn’t.
    Nonetheless, this trade does make them better and it will interesting to see how they fare in the playoffs. Great article.

  3. Thanks for the comments, J. The bench is coming alive with Sessions and Barnes is playing better as of late. I think the only team that is clearly better is OKC, but the Lakers frontcourt matches up well with the Thunder. And Sessions can cause some problems for Westbrook.

  4. good read DJ.. looks like Sessions is just gonna need some time to acclimate himself to his new Laker teammates. The other moves of dropping Walton and Fisher were also very shrewd moves by Kupchek. Lakers are once again true title contenders

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