1. Mark

    Artest is a better offensive and defensive player than Ariza. He had a better % on 3 point shooting by far and he’ll benefit – like Ariza used to – from getting open looks around Kobe and Pau. And he came here for less money to win a ring. Additionally, at 29 he’s the perfect age – peaking right now with the rest of the core (except for Fisher and youthful Bynum). It’s not even close.

  2. just4fun

    artest is an upgrade over ariza in both defense and offense. but it only makes the lakers a better team if they can keep odom. if odom goes to another team, the lakers will be vulnerable. no way artest can play 4 for more than a few minutes. also as far as attitude, if phil can deal with rodman, then he can deal with artest.

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