1. Welcome2Houston

    Thank you for posting this article about just how dirty the Lakers are. Just to reiterate, Fisher SAW AND KNEW Scola was coming and he knew exactly what he was doing. There was nothing ‘accidental’ about it and he deserves to be suspended for game 3. As for Kobe’s elbow to Artest’s throat, that was just plain dirty, but I wouldn’t say suspension worthy. And is it just me or is anyone else getting sick of Kobe’s cocky facade of a humble player? Talking trash to a physical player like Ron Artest is one thing, but taunting one of the nicest and most intelligent players in the NBA, Shane Battier, demonstrates to the entire world just how arrogant and childish you really are. You want to see genuine humility and respect for the game and fans? Try LeBron’s emotional MVP reception during his Game 1. He truly appreciates how lucky he is to be where he is right now.

    Aside from Ron Artest, I just want to say that despite Los Angeles’ blatantly dirty performance, the Rockets have been taking it all in stride. It’s not to say that there’s no frustration at all. Von Wafer’s words with Adelman and Artest’s reaction to Kobe’s elbow proves that there is. But have the Rocket’s retaliated with their own dirty plays, an eye for an eye if you will? If they have, they must be masters of concealment because it hasn’t been caught by anyone yet. Despite LA’s flagrant fouls, despite LA’s trash talking, despite LA’s refs-not-looking dirty plays, the Rockets have managed to come out and be the bigger man. Sure, they could bitch and whine and complain till the cows come home (but I’ve already taken the liberty to do that for them) or they can just keep doing what they’ve been doing: suck it up and play ball. The Rockets may have been outscored and outplayed in Game 2 but the Laker’s were clearly outclassed.

  2. rocksfan

    yeah the lakers played dirty second game…..what scared of a lil competition LA…. just made me lose respect for them …rockets play fair and square……. GO ROCKETS WE GONNA WIN IT THIS FRIDAY IN HOUSTON……

  3. Diana

    The Lakers are a bunch of whiners. Kobe’s the dirtiest player in the NBA and gets away with murder (or at the very least, rape). Just google or look in youtube, it’s well documented.

    The Lakers can’t handle Houston’s defense and so they have to resort to bully tactics which is not out of character for them, it is Lakers-style ball. SHAME on senile Joey Crawford for going along with this and for the NBA for condoning this type of behavior in exchange for ratings.

    I’m proud that my hometeam, the Rockets, show once again why they are the CLASSIEST team in the NBA.

    Lakers, finesse? Pffffftttttt! That’s like saying the

    Oh and Kobe’s no pittbull… he’s a Doberman, look at that face only a mother (or a gold digging wife) could love.

    Go Rox!

  4. Allan Sane

    What a pile of crap this is. The Lakers have more talent, man for man, than the Rockets or the Nuggets combined. Yet both of those teams, largely thru the bully-boy, oaf-like tactics of people like Artest (can you believe this idiot actually ran into the stands and attacked a fan whom he thought had doused him with soda?), gave the Lakers a fight.

    Give it up, people. This is the L.A. Lakers you are bad-mouthing. Read the history of the franchise. It makes the rest of you look like a group of whining snot-nosed losers… which, apparently, you are.

  5. You just diminished your whole point with your argument. The Lakers are, far and away, the more talented and more disciplined team in the entire NBA, which makes it unnecessary to use dirty tactics to win a game. The Lakers should be above all that. They are the model franchise and let their play on the court speak for itself. It’s not bad-mouthing when you are stating facts.

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