1. Donald Jacks

    Darren very good article, well written. I enjoyed reading it. I’m trying to learn about sports (I’m sure you know what I mean).
    Love you—-Your dad.

  2. J-Biz

    Great article and I also believe that the Knicks have a good chance to both compete and even go far in the playoffs. With a solid coach, they are playing excellent defense and also passing the ball more on offense.
    The Bulls are good but definitely not unbeatable. The Heat are also very good but they’ve shown that they are vulnerable to lapses and also matchup problems. Orlando is good but they have enough holes for a good team to exploit.
    A healthy Knicks team is actually very good at every starting position and I don’t see any reason why this can’t be the post season in which everything comes together for them (sort of like in ’99).

  3. Epoch1

    Great job on this one Darren. I’m still not convinced the honeymoon will last. But it’s a good thing for the NBA and the city as well.

    The Knicks succeeding can only open things up and make things a lot more interesting in the playoffs.

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