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  1. All hail 14 year NBA veteran Andre Miller who’s precision passing and magnificent footwork around the basket helped
    the Denver Nuggets to a critical game 5 victory over the highly touted Los Angeles Lakers. Clearly the least physically
    gifted player on the floor, Miller sliced and diced the opposition with 8 or 9 passes that were at a level with the
    best of all time. A shuffling, humble 6’2′, with a hump back and grim demeanor, Miller hit JaVale McGee, a late season
    pickup, with 30 ft passes that were so fast and so accurate that the defenders were frozen, again and again,
    for a critical moment in absolute disbelief. And Miller’s drives into the lane against the Lakers’ giant defenders were
    so precise and so well orchestrated that behemoths flailed blindly about and raged – but were helpless against him.

    I’ve watched the NBA since 1956 and Miller was as good as it gets last night. A pro’s pro. He has missed 3 games in
    his career of 14 years. Traded from team to team by management always looking for a star, usually inserted into critical games
    by coaches who prefer Miller to the next budding superstar who is too distracted by sudden fame and fortune to forego
    an open shot for an open pass. To judge by the conversation in the national media it would be difficult to assert he
    was even a factor in the game.

    Basketball has been played on the North American continent for millenia. I visited some ancient courts when I was
    in Mexico this winter. As a game it provides some spectacular entertainment once in a while. As a ritual basketball
    provides direct access to the favor of the gods. Earvin “Magic” Johnson took his game from ghetto to glorious and
    He made the game better, a lot better. He moved the ball, disproved all the racial and social fear mongering,
    and inspired millions of young players, all the world over to improve their game, in any endeavor, and to smile
    and least appear to be having fun while doing it. A great leader. Now in our cultural decline the very essence
    of a good game and what is required to implement those conditions is lost within the context of the false
    caste system imposed by the national media. Forget the game – follow the superstar. The false basketball gods
    and their representatives challenge the very foundations of the game itself and superimpose false considerations
    that favor their undertakings. The true gods grow weary of their conjugations. Popocotepetal rumbles from
    center court.

    It is the great tragedy of this era that the game of basketball has been so twisted by financial considerations that
    the elegance of the game well played has been leadened by the powers of money, fame, and greed.
    Wherever and whenever possible the game is played not to lose. Coaches conspire to keep it close. Referees are
    challenged to favor the superstar. Advertising and network executives control the tempo. Broadcasters focus on the
    same old stories, the same old themes, and the same players, new or old, who are elevated out of the context of play and
    into the arena of celebrity. After the Nuggets victory the table talk is all about the L>A Lakers. And the game suffers.
    And again last night as the Nuggets put a whipping on L.A. the talk was all about the woes of the Lakers, rarely a
    comment about the great play and hustle of the Nuggets, who are clearly, when playing well, the most exciting team
    in the league.

    But the powers that be dictate the terms of the national conversation. They twist the very purpose of the event itself and
    turn it into a bewilderment about an overhyped, below average team with an aging superstar – Kobe Bryant – to the advantage of a commercial
    system so convoluted and bizzare that it no longer recognizes the essential elements of the game itself. The hollow
    characters who are thrust before us, again, again, and again to represent these interests mouth the same old tired
    formulas and reference the exact same world view – hip hop, Hollywood, slang, and slogan – preemptive prescriptions to
    a diseased culture seeking shelter from the very conditions that it spawned – broadcast the whole world over. Madness.

    2 doggs from courtside

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