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  1. DJ

    1-Miami. No question about it, the best team.

    2-Washington. The Wizards drafted a stud in Beal and added Okafor, no to mention Nene last season. I like the direction they have decided to go and they will be fighting for a 7 or 8 seed.

    3-Atlanta. Long term, getting rid of Johnson helps….but in the short term, they aren’t a very good team.

    4-Orlando. Starting over, but they have some talent in Vucevic (he could be another Marcin Gortat), Moe Harkless (defensive gem) and Affalo. No to mention a competent PG in Nelson and Redick off the bench. This team could surprise and compete with the Hawks for 3rd place.

    5-Charlotte. No direction, no clue.

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