1. onefan

    Here’s the exact statement from a friend after sendind them your article: “He’s right except Gasol and Bynum suck.” Ahh. So denying, and yet so true. Watching ‘Bella’s’ performance lately you just feel so impotent, or maybe that’s just me :P. Also, that hair-trigger temper and non-chalant approach to basketball Bynum takes is pretty much secondary to the star appeal of Howard. The club NEEDS to be re-juvenated. Most of the blubs this year are going through changes, why not the home team? This kind of stagnation is the death of basketball. I mean look at the Spurs. Sure they are the best of the West and have been consistently so but who the hell wants to watch them. Same old line-up, same old faces, same old routines. Dynamism, uncertainty, and CHANGE is where the games is at. It’s what keeps us watching.

  2. Piliskner

    This article is a joke right? Fact 1: Bynum made his first 20/20 game this year. Howard does them on daily bases. “5 — Bynum knows how to win a championship” ? I dont know if the author was watching the finals series where Lakers won but Bynum was either injured or benched. I believe there was no more then 1 game where he played solid and no games when he took over.

    You just cannot compare Bynum to Howard, you should watch some NBA TV analysis, coach Fratello had some good points about this one …

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