1. He is starting to irritate me. And part of me says let Bynum walk in the offseason and Amnesty MWP.

    Go out and sign Kaman to 9-10 million per year (or Spencer Hawes for 6-7 million per year) and Gerald Wallace to 8-9 million per year.


    The Lakers aren’t as good at center, but still solid 1-2 punch at PF-C and they upgrade at SF, which is a definite need. More than a headcase center who plays when he wants to.

  2. Epoch1

    Maybe the NBA should go back to retiring kids to go to college for 4 full years. We all expect that people graduating college to at least have matured if not completely grown up.

    I’m getting a little tired of being asked to wait and let guys that have been in the league for 5+ years to “grow up” or “mature”

    If you’re not mature enough at 25 years old then your way behind the curve. And honestly… Bynum’s problem has nothing to do with maturity and everything to do with him having a serious case of narcissism

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