1. Ross

    Greedy Owners?? Did you actually do any research into what average expenditures are for team owners? 52-55% of all revenue made by franchises goes to player salaries. Hardly seems fair to team owners…

    Of course what else do you expect from a group of overpaid children, who spend their time playing a game and deciding which Escalade or Maserati they are going to drive that day. I mean really?? The lowest paid rookies in the NBA make $474,000…that can be given (notice I didn’t us the word ‘earn’) without a college education!

    Face it my friend. The majority of the NBA or sport’s celebrities aren’t known for their altruistic and outstanding moral behavior. Nor are they known as philanthropists who actually understand where their massive paycheck comes from and the responsibility that comes with it. We like to think of ourselves as a moralistic society, preaching goodwill and love of humanity. In an economy where thousands upon thousands are unemployed and/or losing jobs… how can they ask for more money? It show’s lack of tact, lack of understanding, lack of moral obligation, and a complete and utter lack of professionalism.

    Did you forget about the hundreds of employees that are employed by each team? I guess that didn’t cross your mind… Where is their raise? How are they going to keep food on the table? See my point…? It’s corporation. The NBA players are the minority when it comes to the total numbers of employees on the payroll.

    Why don’t they show a little gratitude for what they have been given.

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