1. David Rosett

    It’s highly believable that Kobe Bryant is the most feared player to make that last, great shot in the fourth quarter. But after him, who have the Lakers got? That was readily apparent when Bryant fouled out the other night against Charlotte.

    I’d pick the Celtics again this spring. They’ve got TWO players on your list.

  2. Jordan

    umm…..leaving out Carmelo Anthony and Mo Peterson? these are two of the clutchest guys in the NBA statistically speaking are more likely to make a game winner than most on ur list, do your research before writing articles please

  3. kaze

    ahahahaha kobe shouldn’t even be on this list. if you do the math, kobe is not very clutch at all, he just chucks up so much shots. just read this article for more “http://basketbawful.blogspot.com/2009/01/word-of-day-kobe-effect.html:
    BTW Ray Allen should be highest.

  4. onefan714

    AWESOME list.. I esp. like how Brandon Roy snuck in at 10! But I’s three words for you, chief- It’s Miller Time!

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